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Empower your retail
operations with Algoretail
accurate inventory management, maximum utilization of shelf space, appearance that promotes sales and recurring orders
Algoretail optimizes processes in your store in real time, from the receipt of goods and backstore management to shelf stocking, while making adjustments according to inventory, demand forecast and sales.
Efficiency in every aspect of your business
Substantial results from day one
40 %
Waste Reduction
1-3 %
Sales Improvement
20 %
Manpower Reduction
+30 %
Worker’s productivity
-35 %
Orders Returned Products
+25 %
Improvement of Storage Space
Smart retail,
Seamless management
Fully stocked shelves, neat aisles and an organized backstore
Optimal quality of goods based on ‘best before’ dates, and reduction of waste
Stock balance - No overstocking and never out-of-stock
Dynamic planogram that’s constantly updated in real time
With its advanced technology and real-time insights, Algoretail adds precision, efficiency and peace of mind to your store’s work. Algoretail learns your store’s management, day-to-day work and additional aspects to produce In depth business insights that will help you better manage your inventory, stocking schedules and the distribution of products from the backstore to your shelfs.
The results will show where it matters the most – on your store’s shelves.
Shelf visibility
Benefit more from Algoretail
Better inventory management
Automatic management of inventory orders according to the popularity of products, market trends, sales forecast and holidays
Efficient and orderly shelf stacking
Automatic assignment of shelf stacking tasks and provision of real-time instructions for shelf appearance according to an up-to-date visual image
From Planogram to Realogram
Algoretail dynamically updates the planogram according to stock availability, products’ end date and substitute products
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